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Does anyone have any existential short story writing advice?

Soon, I will have to submit the first real short story I have ever written as a final project in my Existentialism class (PHIL 134). Originally, I thought it would be a good idea to write a short story as opposed to a dry “experiences” type paper, as the professor will likely grade a short story more leniently than a vanilla paper.

So, the concept is that the story is simply a recording of my thoughts on the second day of a long (for the purposes of the story indefinitely long) hike through unfamiliar wilderness a world away from home with a crew of 9 other people, the same age whom I have known my whole life, but at the same time are very much isolated from for various reasons. The story hopefully will emphasize the concepts of falleness, the arbitrariness of life, and the objectification inherent in enrolling in any sort of plan.

Maybe if it ends up being any good I will post it. If anyone writes or is interested in continental or existential philosophy, be sure to tell me your thoughts.


“God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” – Christopher Hitchens

Although I doubt I buy the book (who needs a book to point out the countless ways by which religion eats at society), I am getting a kick out of reading conservative reaction to it – chapter by chapter – over at the Blog and Mablog. This pastor is reading the book and writing an extended rebuttal to what he considers to be the weekest argument in each chapter; the thing is though most of the arguments he poses is ridiculously weak (unless of course one’s entire spiritual life is surrounded in apologetics).

Although I normally do not hold too much contempt for those in the clergy, I recognize it is a tough job and all, but a pastor who would say that without God’s direct guidance and word, he could not derive basic ethical truths is prety much dangerous. So if you want to read a few fairly backward argument-by-argument rebuttals and even more backward responses to dissent, head on over there.

My intentions …

My intentions for this blog are basically to spew opinion, propogate reason, and be mean to those people who use bad arguments. I really, really hate when people rant on and on as if they are actually convincing people of anything. That being said, I don’t really care to change anyone’s deeply seated beliefs, although maybe there will be a couple insightful moments?

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