“God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” – Christopher Hitchens

Although I doubt I buy the book (who needs a book to point out the countless ways by which religion eats at society), I am getting a kick out of reading conservative reaction to it – chapter by chapter – over at the Blog and Mablog. This pastor is reading the book and writing an extended rebuttal to what he considers to be the weekest argument in each chapter; the thing is though most of the arguments he poses is ridiculously weak (unless of course one’s entire spiritual life is surrounded in apologetics).

Although I normally do not hold too much contempt for those in the clergy, I recognize it is a tough job and all, but a pastor who would say that without God’s direct guidance and word, he could not derive basic ethical truths is prety much dangerous. So if you want to read a few fairly backward argument-by-argument rebuttals and even more backward responses to dissent, head on over there.


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