Does anyone have any existential short story writing advice?

Soon, I will have to submit the first real short story I have ever written as a final project in my Existentialism class (PHIL 134). Originally, I thought it would be a good idea to write a short story as opposed to a dry “experiences” type paper, as the professor will likely grade a short story more leniently than a vanilla paper.

So, the concept is that the story is simply a recording of my thoughts on the second day of a long (for the purposes of the story indefinitely long) hike through unfamiliar wilderness a world away from home with a crew of 9 other people, the same age whom I have known my whole life, but at the same time are very much isolated from for various reasons. The story hopefully will emphasize the concepts of falleness, the arbitrariness of life, and the objectification inherent in enrolling in any sort of plan.

Maybe if it ends up being any good I will post it. If anyone writes or is interested in continental or existential philosophy, be sure to tell me your thoughts.


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