Biden is a pretty cool guy…

He is also more electable and far more presidential than Kucinich. Besides I think Obama would be better 8 years from now anyway. Then Edwards is hmm, not as cool… or more eloquently put, a 400 dollar hair-cut getter that used to run a poverty center at his old law school at your favorite university and mine, UNC-Chapel Hill (for NC State people this must be difficult, do they want to support one of their own, or do they give up on the deserter). This being said I am not particularly that into Delaware, or for that matter the 4 major gaffes that Biden will ultimately produce per term if he makes it to the White House, but he has THE plan on Iraq and if you are one of the hand full of senators that has your cards straight on Iraq, you know your ass from a hole in the ground. The others may have more detailed healthcare plans, etc., but Iraq is a harder more salient issue. Biden has a handle on Iraq, and says things I like, so he is pretty much my favorite thus far. The most resounding bit I have heard from him though was on Bush. I am glad people finally started talking about Bush in the right terms.

Why can’t everyone speak this candidly?


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